Introducing RunCzech Anywhere


During the pandemic, when runners found themselves with no races to run, we began creating virtual events.  

More than ten thousand runners signed up and ran.  

The success of those events inspired us to continue staging digital races as a way of including runners who would like to run in some of the most beautiful races around the world, but are unable, for whatever reason, to get there.  

That includes the events staged by RunCzech throughout the Czech Republic and Italy.



RunCzech Anywhere replicates actual physical races.  

Runners register through the platform. And the virtual races start at precisely the same time as the physical race. 

Unlike in-person races, however, runners can complete the race over the course of the entire season racking up kilometers until December 31, 2022.  

This gives everyone a chance to be part of the storied Prague Marathon, as well as our regional half marathons.  

It makes you a part of a running community that believes All Runners Are Beautiful.  




You can pick up your medal!

For our runners based in Prague or the Czech Republic, we offer local pick up of the medals at our base - Running Mall!

By visiting, you can save additional costs of shipping and packing and also, you can have a look into our Running Mall and get new running equipment for your upcoming racing opportunities.

We are happy to see you in person!


Why you should be part of the RunCzech Anywhere project?


If you cannot participate in our physical races, for whatever reasons, we understand it. We are bringing you the opportunity from wherever you are to receive the stunning RunCzech medals, you would get rewarded after crossing the finish ribbon of the physical race. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you.


Nothing motivates you to get out and train like having your sights set on a race to run.  And with RunCzech Anywhere, you always do.  It's a platform that not only makes you feel like a part of the running community again by participating in real time with actual events.  It lets you share your targets, training techniques and passion with other runners around the world.

3.  HELP

Imagine that you also help our charity partner, Light for the World, while running and keeping yourself in excellent condition. From every registration fee, you will be empowering people with disabilities and enabling eye health services in low-income countries.


Be an inspiration to others.  There is always a chance your performance will positively impact others around you.  Share your energy and determination, and you might inspire others to move.  To challenge themselves.  To feel the excitement of being part of something good and healthy and natural again.  How cool would that be!


Our Partner Charity

While being part of the RunCzech Anywhere virtual races, you support Light for the World.

Light for the World's goal is to improve health systems in the poorest regions of the world, enable education for all, and amplify the voices of people with disabilities in the workplace and beyond.

In short: they break down unjust barriers to unlock the potential in all of us!

From each registration fee, RunCzech donates 5%.

Another great motivation to run with us!

Races and Bundles

Our physical races are now a part of virtual space. It is an excellent option for any runner anywhere to be part of the RunCzech running community without travelling to a designed destination. Runczech Anywhere brings the destinations to the runner's location!


Review our assortment of races.  Make a plan for yourself.  Map out a training schedule.  And be ready to run at the sound of the official starting gun for each event you’ve entered.

One rule to be aware of:  

You cannot apply the miles you’ve run for one race with any other races. To be more specific, you can’t run the Olomouc Half Marathon, and then use the same miles for the Karlovy Vary Half Marathon. The proof you send to verify participation can only be used once.  

You can send your proof of kilometres run for approval any time after the physical event takes place.




To help keep you motivated throughout the year, we have created “running bundles.”

A bundle is a collection of select races in destinations designed to inspire you, and keep you moving.

They’re also a great way to explore other hidden gems around the Czech countryside.  

So take a look at our offerings, then let your imagination run wild.


School and Family Challenges


RunCzech Anywhere is a great opportunity to get physical again. But for students, it’s more than that. It’s a chance to invite your classmates, friends, siblings or parents to a friendly competition. 

Challenge each other to run as many kilometres as possible on behalf of your school in the period from 1st June to 1st September.

The first three winning schools will be awarded prize money, helping them invest in the sporting equipment!

1st Place - 50.000 Kč
2nd Place - 30.000 Kč
3rd Place - 10.000 Kč

#pryczezidle #schoolchallenge

School Challenge



RunCzech non-competitive runs are open to everyone.

They are designed to make running a family affair, allowing everyone to participate, from babies in strollers to seniors looking for a fun way of staying active.

Family Runs

About RunCzech

We march under a banner that reads, ALL RUNNERS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Our way of saying to the world that, no matter your nationality, your color, your beliefs or your ability, you are welcome here. You are a part of something that transcends borders and ideology. 
That's why we stage races that anyone can participate in, from family fun runs to an ultra-marathon. Races through city streets or winding down beautiful country trails.

If you run to support a good cause, chances are we do, too. Social. Environmental. Educational. For more than 28 years, our mission was to make the World a happier, healthier place. And we have. Now, in some of the most turbulent times, the planet has seen, we'd like to see if the sport of running can bring the people of the world a little closer together.

We think it can. And we hope you do, too.

Gratefully and sincerely,

Carlo Capalbo

President of the RunCzech Organizing Committee
World Athletics / IAAF Road Running Commission


Emil Zátopek. The Man. The Legend.

Emil Zatopek is regarded as one of the greatest runners of all time. He set 18 world records. And he won five Olympic medals, three of them during the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki in the 5,000 m, 10,000 m and the marathon. A race he had never run before, or ever trained for. A feat no one will ever duplicate. RunCzech is dedicating its entire 2022 season to the memory of this monumental Czech running legend not only for his accomplishments on the track but for his strength of character and his towering sense of justice.

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