What is a bundle?


A bundle is a pre-packaged group of virtual races, and a way to be active and stay motivated throughout the whole season.

If you like feeling constantly challenged and pushing your performance to a higher level, bundles are an excellent option!

PLUS - Each bundle comes with some fantastic savings for runners who are looking to complete more than one virtual race. 

Have a look at the bundles we have prepared for you!


The Bundles

Prague Bundle

The Prague bundle delivers the majesty of Prague in a complete package.

Virtual races included in the Prague bundle

- Sportisimo Half Marathon

- Volkswagen Prague Marathon

- Birell 10K Race

A trio of races that give runners the complete tour of one of Europe’s most sublime destinations.


  • Bundle Price €55.00
Save €5

Czech Races Bundle

Runners who like to venture off the beaten path are in for an amazing treat with the Czech Races Bundle.  

Virtual races included in the Czech Races bundle

- Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon

- Mattoni České Budějovice Half Marathon

- Mattoni Olomouc Half Marathon

- Mattoni Ústí nad Label Half Marathon

- Mattoni Liberec Nature Run 22 km

This bundle offers runners a glimpse of the lush, vibrant countryside and the utterly charming smaller towns that many travellers miss.

  • Bundle Price €65.00
Save €10

The Lion Bundle

This collection of Czech races is named after the symbolic lion signifying power and sovereignty. These races represent the Czech running community, its dignity and importance.

Virtual races included in the Lion bundle

- ALL RACES from the Prague Bundle

- ALL RACES from the Czech Races Bundle 

---- 8 RACES IN TOTAL ---

Being a part of the Lion bundle, you also become a part of the Czech community.

What a great challenge and reward!

  • Bundle Price €110.00
Save €25

The Italian Bundle

The breathtaking Napoli and Sorrento-Positano bundle offers runners something completely different.

Virtual races included in the Italian Races bundle

- Napoli City Half Marathon

- Sorrento Positano Panoramica 27 km

A race environment that collectively takes you from medieval streets to the jaw-dropping heights overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.



Save €5

The Super Bundle

We have created this bundle to challenge even the best and most motivated runners. If you believe that you are someone who can conquer our toughest and most competitive runs, here’s your chance to prove it.

Virtual races included in the Super bundle

- ALL RACES from the Prague Bundle

- ALL RACES from the Czech Races Bundle 

- ALL RACES from the Italian Bundle

---- 10 RACES IN TOTAL ---

Only the most determined runners will finish them all.

Be one of them. Be super.

Save €30

What's Included in the Bundles?




  • -  Access to the RunCzech Anywhere Virtual Expo
  • -  Virtual Running Numbers
  • -  "I'm Training For" Photo Overlays
  • -  "I'm Training For" Spotify Playlist


  • -  Stunning Physical Medals
  • -  Digital Certificates
  • -  "Finisher" Photo Overlays



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